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Counting Crows are a six member American alternative rock band from Berkeley, California. Originally Counting Crows was Adam Duritz and David Bryson playing in the San Francisco area. As the band gathered a following, more members were added. The current line up is Adam Duritz, who is the lead singer and plays piano; David Bryson plays guitar; Charlie Gillingham on keyboard and accordion; David Immerglück plays guitar, slide guitar, banjo and mandolin; Jim Bogios is the drummer and percussionist and Millard Powers plays bass. The band achieved mainstream fame in 1993 with their debut album “August and Everything After”. MTV picked up and played the video to the single "Mr. Jones" which made it a hit and launched the Counting Crows into stardom. They won the award for best new artist at the 1994 MTV video music awards. Their second album, titled “Recovering the Satellites” was released in 1995 and charted at number 1 on the billboard 200. In 1999 the band released “This Desert Life”. The album featured the popular singles “Hanginaround” and “Colorblind”. In 2002 the band released “Hard Candy” which has been described as having a more radio friendly sound than previous albums. The album included a cover of Joni Mitchell’s “Big Yellow Taxi”. The song also featured on the soundtrack to the movie “Two Weeks Notice”. 2004 saw them receive an Academy Award for “Accidentally in Love” which featured in the animated film Shrek 2. Counting Crows have toured widely and they are famous for their energetic passionate live performances. Adam Duritz is known to rewrite songs for their concerts, sometimes adding new verses to tracks, fitting lyrics from other tracks into a song, even working a whole different track into the middle of a song. Counting Crows have sold over 20 million albums worldwide

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